Zenfolio | Syracuse Camera Club | 2015-16 Year End

Poppy by Wendy Kates (1st - Entry)Precipitation Hand Measure by Sue Armstrong (1st - Advanced)Final Rest by Heidi VanTassel  (2nd - Masters)Ikebana Flowers by Teresa Letkiewicz (2nd - Entry)Pottery Shop by Kerry Thurston (2nd - Advanced)I Don't Want To Leave by Sue Armstrong (3rd - Advanced)Salgado's Men by Elisabeth Groat (3rd - Masters)The Race by Marvin Mondlick (3rd - Entry)2 FISH by Ken Frehm (HM -Advanced)Cape Cod Moon by Jeanne Lagergren (HM -Entry)Launch Angelique by Kevin Thomas (HM - Advanced)Marching into the Fog by Diane Lansing (HM -Advanced)Sun Flower by Erich Groat (HM -Advanced)What's Your Problem by Diane Lansing (HM - Advanced)Old School by Heidi VanTassel (HM - Masters)Rain Leaf by Teresa Letkiewicz (HM - Advanced)Swept Away by Diana Whiting (HM - Masters)Train Rain by Elisabeth Groat  (HM - Masters)Water Art 2 Diana Whiting (HM - Masters)Houston by Teresa Letkiewicz (HM -Advanced)