Zenfolio | Syracuse Camera Club | 2016-17 Year End

HM  -  Articulate with Black and White by Leo BakerHM  -  Benevolent Warning by Diane Lansing1st  -  Branched Eagle by Sheila QuinellHM  -  Cuban Girl by Teresa LetkiewiczHM  -  Departure by Jeanann WienersHM  -  East Syracuse Elementary by Bob GatesHM  -  Field of Splendor by Sue Armstrong2nd - From the Deep by Bob Gates3rd  -  From Across the Spree by Steve ReiterHM  -  In Solidarity by Jenn GrzyvinskiHM  -  Landfill Mountain by Sheila Quinell3rd  -  Meadowbrook Pond by Bob  Gates3rd  -  Mid-Hudson Bridge, Poughkeepsie by Raymond Dague1st  -  Monkey See by Bob GatesHM  -  My Turn by Diana WhitingHM  -  Night Moves by Heidi Vantassel1st  -  Not Your Typical Urinal by Steve Reiter2rd  -  Salt Water Taffy by Deb PutmanHM  -  Shadow by Sarah PralleHM  -  Silas by Bob Gates